Multi-color Drawing Pencil Set of 4


  • Four-color Color Core Pencil/Multi-Colored Pencils
  • Log thickened pencil
  • Professional color core
  • One pencil four colors

Product Parameters

  • Color: four colors / mixed color
  • Name: Multi-Colored Pencils
  • Specifications: 4pcs
  • Length: 175mm
  • Diameter: 10mm

Note: that the size is manually measured, and the slight error is normal. Please refer to the actual product.


Jar12 Available!


01 .Log wood,Unique wood grain,Natural fragrance
02. Professional color core,Colorful,Fine brush strokes ,Suitable for all kinds of paper
03. 5mm thick refill, not easy to break, use comfortable
04 .Multiple performance, four-colors refill, rich in performance, painting, hand account, notes


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